No reservations needed, first come, first serve for lap lane swimming. Lane sharing and circle swimming are encouraged. Please see Facility Rules for additional guidance on using the pool.


  • Lanes are for swimmers age 16 and over unless there is more than one available lap lane.
  • No more than 2 swimmers per lane (Unless all swimmers agree to circle).
  • If you are the second person in a lane, try to pick a lane with a compatible swimmer (one who swims about the same speed as you do).
  • Before entering the lane that already has a swimmer, let that swimmer know you are entering (sit with your feet in the water until the swimmer acknowledges you).
  • When you have a lane to yourself, be sure to look at the end of each lap to see if someone else is trying to join you. Be courteous about sharing and realize that the pool must at times accommodate more than one person per lane.
  • Be willing to switch to a different lane if it will help the shared lanes have compatible swimmers, or if you have a lane to yourself and two swimmers are sharing a lane do not wish to swim next to the wall where there is less room.
  • When you stop to rest or take a break at the wall, please do so in the corner next to the lane line.
  • When using kickboards, please be aware of all other swimmers in your lane and their needs to pass.
  • When swimming on your back, please try to stay close to the lane line.
  • Always enter and exit a lane safely, aware of the other swimmers presence.
  • When children are present, lap swim is restricted to the lap lanes.