Mystery Solved

For many years I’ve wondered what was under that big “thumb” sticking up from the corner of the fence separating the path from the front courts to the back courts from the baby pool deck. Many of us have speculated on its origins and underpinnings over the years. Perhaps it was an old metal light post? Or a fence pole that once served some long-forgotten purpose before it was swallowed whole by ivy? What did that shrubbery climb up and twist itself around, to attain that odd height? Clearly something was under there; why else would that eyesore of a living lump be carefully shorn into its ovoid self for all these years?

Well, the answer is that there was nothing under there. Just shrub. For some reason it grew to that height and was then dutifully pruned into its lumpen form year after year, on the assumption that it could not be easily cut down. R.I.P big old thumb shrub.