Posts related to the 2014 Deck Project

Grand Opening Festivities

Eichler held its Grand Re-Opening ceremonies on June 4, 2014. Visiting dignitaries included Palo Alto mayor Nancy Shepherd, and many of the people who worked so hard to make this renewal of our club possible. We even got some press coverage! After the ribbon cutting, members enjoyed a great day at the pool, with popsicles and other treats for our families. The evening before, adult members enjoyed a special party with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a DJ.


Eichler Volunteer Work Day

Saturday May 24 was our day to pitch in and help finish up some details around the club. A couple dozen members showed up to lend a hand and we accomplished a great deal. Our fearless leader, board member Chris Cummings, doled out the jobs and the name tags, and we all got to work. Projects included building new sheds near the BBQ area and utility area, creating a foundation to move the tennis shed into its own little nook near the back courts, ripping out the overgrown ivy covering one of the front entrance walls to make way for a new bike parking area, pruning trees, wiring up the sound system, general cleanup, painting and more. Everyone had a good time and worked hard, from kids to grown ups.

Finish Work

The building is currently donning its new, sophisticated gray color, and finishing touches are being polished up all over the place.

Twilight at Eichler

Oh, it’s going to be beautiful in the evenings at Eichler….

The Final Countdown

Pictures are all you need here, folks. The construction is pretty much done, the pool is filled, and we’re down the putting on a fresh coat of paint, finishing some carpentry, and taking care of the final details. And yes, that title is a reference to the smash hit by 80’s hair band Europe. 🙂

Plaster Caster

Things are progressing rapidly now! The wading pool is plastered and filling up, and the main pool is rapidly turning back into, well, a pool! Check the video below to see how it’s done. The wall between the wading and main pool decks is being built, as are the outside showers. Finally, the beautiful new fencing around the utility area is in place.


The Final Pour!

The deck, she is complete! There’s lots of work to finish of course, but the deck has been poured. Pop the champagne corks!

You too can witness the final pour. Just click the video….

More pix from the pour…


Go With the Flow!

It has begun! The new deck is being poured as I write this. Here are some pictures from the prep and first pour. (Bonus pic of the new entryway!)

Come Sail Away

Despite a lot of rain this past month, much has happened at Eichler! Perhaps the most exciting and visible change is the addition of six majestic shade sail stanchions around the wading pool area. Workers have also done most of the tile work in the pools, finished the coping, and reburied all the main pipes and lines. The gravel aggregate has been delivered to the site, waiting for soil tests to confirm that it’s time to spread across the deck area. Before that, crews will run another set of conduits for lighting and other low voltage applications, then we’re ready to pour concrete!