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What the heck is gunite, anyway? Look it up! Anyway, it’s all over the place at Eichler and today the pool and wading pool got their Gunite fixes! Here are some shots from today, including views of the slowing re-constituting pool, the new wading pool shell, and the front entry area and handicapped parking space. […]

Work Continues Through the Rain

Despite some (much needed) rain, work has continued on the entry to the club and other areas, while the main deck was covered in tarps to keep the soil from soaking up too much water. The rain will likely cause some minor delay, but hopefully not too much. Meanwhile, as you can see in the […]

Our Partners

Most of you know that W.L. Butler is heading up construction on our renewal project. But you should also know two other key players that helped make this project a reality for us: Alex Bergtraun of Studio Bergtraun, and Boston Private Bank and Trust Company. Boston Private worked with us to create an expedited and […]

Mystery Solved

For many years I’ve wondered what was under that big “thumb” sticking up from the corner of the fence separating the path from the front courts to the back courts from the baby pool deck. Many of us have speculated on its origins and underpinnings over the years. Perhaps it was an old metal light […]

Moving right along…

Things are moving along at the club! As you can see, the ground is being leveled and prepped for cement, pipes for drainage, water, and electrical are being readied for installation, and Bonnie Brock has been on site with Jean Hsia, Lynn Drake, and others working out a landscaping plan. The pool itself is being […]

On Site

Tim Edmonds, architect Alex Bergtraun, and Ken Brownlee check out the start of demolition a couple of weeks ago.

Demolition Continues

Here’s what the club looks like with its deck removed! Oh, and the baby pool, too. As you can see, the demo work is well underway. What you can’t see from this picture is that the entire pool surface has been removed, down to the gunnite material, in preparation for resurfacing.